Hand Hugger Bear


Hand Hugger Cat

Flying Pig

Hand Hugger Flying Pig

Rainbow Unicorn

Hand Hugger Rainbow Unicorn


Hand Hugger Shark


Hand Hugger Triceratops

Our brand new squishy, squashy, marshmallow-feel Hand Huggers are the big siblings to our Cozy Cuddlers, with the added benefit of a hand-warmer-style pocket. These characters, each with their own personality, offer children comfort and warmth as a bedtime friend or travel pal, and are also great just to snuggle with on the sofa. 100% Polyester · 48 × 28 cm approx · For ages 3+

The Cozy Soft Toys are great value products that make excellent gifts for any age or occasion. With such a wide variety to choose from there's something for everyone – and don't forget to treat yourself, too!

£ 14.99 each