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Before contacting us about a problem please check these frequently-asked questions and answers.

I'm trying to sign up. Why isn't my password being accepted?

It's probably too weak. A message should have appeared beside the password input box with more information. To help keep their details secure we do ask that our customers use passwords that are reasonably difficult to crack. Your password should be reasonably long and use a variety of letters, numbers, and other symbols. It doesn't have to be just one word – it can be a whole spaced-separated sentence!

Why haven't I received a verification e-mail?

Did you enter your e-mail address correctly? Are you checking the correct mailbox? Have you checked your spam folder? Have you checked your trash folder? To prevent misuse, our verification e-mails are only sent once. If you didn't receive yours, or you accidentally deleted it, please contact us to request another.

I've received a verification e-mail, but the link isn't working. Why?

The link has most likely expired. Please try to sign up again, then check your mailbox for a more recent e-mail message.

I'm trying to sign in. Why isn't my password working?

There could be a number of reasons. Enter your e-mail address below and we will send you a link to let you choose a new one.

Do you have any discount codes?

No, we don't use discount codes. If you have seen a code advertised somewhere it is either fake or indended for a different store.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes. If you call us during normal working hours, someone may be able to assist you. We do recommend you order through the website if possible, as telephone orders exist outside the system and will therefore not show in your order history.

My order has not been dispatched yet. Why?

If you have checked the status of your order via the order history tab and it says "processing", then we are still in the process of packing your items, taking payment, and arranging the delivery. If it says "rejected", then we have had to reject your order (either because we were unable to fulfil it or because the payment details you provided did not work) – if so, please feel free to try again.

My order has been dispatched. Where is it?

Please allow a few days for delivery. Please allow longer over public holidays, busy periods, and if delays are likely due to inclement weather or strike action (for example). If you are still concerned about the whereabouts of your orders please contact us.

About this service.

Having a Cozy Time account lets you order goods directly from us through this website, and see your present and past orders.

We will hold your details securely and for a reasonable length of time only. You will have the option to close your account at any time (except whilst you have an order in progress). We will use your details only to fulfil your order(s), i.e. take payment(s) and communicate with you. We don't currently send out marketing e-mails, but if we ever do you will be able to opt-out.

Our standard delivery fee is £4.95, or free if you spend over £50.